It can be when you get to work in the morning or when you get home in the afternoon. You may leave it for the weekend, because from Monday to Friday you already have enough with things from work or class, but at some point you open your mailbox and read what is happening in the world, what some friends or acquaintances tell you.

Because although it seems that it no longer counts, in the end email is one of the media that has not changed for decades. It’s true that social media works too, but it comes and goes, changes, merges, or disappears.
Instead, email, which is around half a century, is still there. So if you want to know what do we do or what we talk about, the best thing is to subscribe to our newsletter. You can do it here, and you’ll soon know about us. Mind you, only once a month. Or when we have advantages to tell subscribers, that will be very soon.