PuntoGal welcomes the New Year with an attractive reduction on the price of the new domains. Those interested could obtain their .gal on a maximum price of 10€+VAT, on the registrars who joined the promotion. Reduced prices will be valid from the 20th December until the 10th January.

To get advantage of this promotion, you need to address the following registrars: Dinahosting, Blacknight, Openprovider, INWX, Arsys e OVH.com, which offer different price policies and services with the registration of new domain. PuntoGal recommends visiting the sites of all the participants to find the better option for your needs. You can find all the information in our promotions page.

PuntoGal, which is over 5600 registered domains, is still working on the diffusion on the Net of those Galician people, associations ,institutions and enterprises and, moreover on such a complex scenery as the one derived from Covid-19 pandemic.

In this campaign, besides, PuntoGal offers everybody a downloadable and printable agenda you can find at this link: i.gal/axenda. With this gift PuntoGal wants to welcome a new year where everybody hopes to resume activities and relations we have suspended since March.

PuntoGal wants to invite you to surf its new web, where this promotion is explained as well as some of the latest activities of the domain, including the work with Municipalities, collaboration agreements and some of the stories of entities which use the domain
The domain maintains its supporting corporative program with initiatives related with the language, culture and ICT in Galicia. Among the already realized activities we can find the collaboration with the localization in Galician of the Firefox browser, the micro-tales contest with the RAG, the Day of the Girls on the ICT of CESGA and the SpinOff PuntoGal awards. The domain is also part of the International Association of GeoTld domains, of the RySG Group and actively participates on the ICANN activities, which is the organism that manages the Internet around the world.