Santiago de Compostela, 12 May 2020-.Since the begining of the pandemic, some registries and registries are working to help the domain users and the new customer in having more opportunities to maintaign their webs or to promote their products online.

One of the measures we can point out, is that some domains among them the ones of the Iberian Peninsula  .CAT, .EUS and .GAL decided to eliminate the restore fee. That means, if the domain is in Grace period decidiuse the owner could renew it paying only the renewal fee. This is the case of Verisign, that also decided not to increase the fees during this year and made charitable contributions. Some of the registries do not elide the fee but they offered flexibility and promotions on the renewals.

Some other registries decided to implement registration measures to avoid abuse cases on domains names related with the pandemic. Some of them has to double check for security, as for instance  .EU and .UK.

Another opportunity that PuntoGal and PuntuEUS as registries decided during these days, was offering free .gal domains to help the digitalization of hostelry business, commerces or artist afected by the confinement. This comprises the registry of a .gal domain for a year combined with a hosting solution also for free during the samen perios, with the collaboration of the registrars with whom PuntoGal works. In this moment, Dinahosting and CdMon are participating on the promotion, helping on the business digitalization who had to close during the Covid crisis.

A lot of registrars had made some offers to help with the negative impact of the current situation. Some offer themselves to the customers to find the measures adaptable to their needs and help them in case of abuse or threaten. Other, as  CDMon or DonDominio offer specific webinars and information to avoid cyber crime that arose during this crisis. In the case of Arsys they have information about technology to fight against Covid-19.

Regarding dinahosting, they offer a 100% personaliced online help, including not only discounts and promotions but also training, etc. Amont their promotions, for instance, they have a  50% discounts on hosting plans contracts, and a free increase on the hosting. They also deadlined their promotion on the dedicated servers with discounts of 50% and 25%. In the case of training, they webinars since april about technical contents to help customers to better exploit their business.

Other PuntoGal registrar, OVHcloud, points out on its web some charity initiatives, among them  Open Solidarity, where they offer support to the customers, with digital open support, global and collective, to offer free technical help and without compromise, using the OVHCloud infraestructures.

There are also companies as Blacknight or Goddady, that are helping in the case of cyber crime

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