PuntoGal Association signed an sponsoring agreement for the XXII Night of Telecommunications and Information Society that includes domain discounts for the memebers of AETG.

A representation of PuntoGal board led by its president, Manuel González, will turn out the Palacio de Exposicións da Coruña (Palexco), which will house the event.

Santiago de Compostela, 27th September 2017.- PuntoGal Association renewed the sponsoring agreement with the Galician Association of Telecommunications Engineers.

The Night of Telecommunications and Information Society will take place the 29th September, with the item of Cibersecurity, sponsorised by PuntoGal. We take this opportunity to greet the Association for its 25th aniversary.

The event will take place on the Palacio de Exposicións da Coruña and a wide representation of the TIC sector will be there. During the Gala the Awards of Galicia Telecommunication and Information Society will be given, our congratulation to all of them.

This collaboration offers the engineers a discount on the .Gal domains registry. It is one of the collaboration initiatives carried out by the Association, which will be followed by others with different professional and cultural entities.

PuntoGal, thanks as usual, the support of the Galician society on this common proyect. Domain is yours.