The ninety-three applicants selected by the Asociación puntoGAL in its Pioneers Program were presented this Tuesday at an event held at the Museo do Pobo Galego in Santiago de Compostela. The companies, public bodies, foundations and associations included in the list at the end of this press release will be the first in being able to activate a .gal domain name, from the 25th of July.
One hundred an thirty-four applications were submitted to the Pioneer Program, by far exceeding the available slots. The Asociación selected the ninety-three successful applicants according to criteria of representativity in Galician society, contribution offered to dotGAL’s launch, and ensuring that all the social sectors are represented. The applications reviewed include thirty-nine public administrations, thirty-two companies and sixty-three associations. Ninety-three were finally selected: thirty-five public bodies, fifteen companies and forty-three non-for-profit entities. The Asociación puntoGAL would like to show its gratitude to all the applicants who, by submitting their proposal, proved again the support that exists in all sectors of the society for the domain for Galician language and culture. These pioneer domain names can be activated from next Friday, when all the requirements for starting them – stated in the call for proposals –  are met. puntoGAL chose this date due to its special meaning in the country, as Galicia’s National Day. DotGAL will increase Galician websites’ traffic and income Associación puntoGAL’s chairman, Manuel González, detailed the economic, technical and symbolic advantages for the country of having its own top level identifier on the Internet. During his speech, González highlighted that “the applicants in this program are pioneers in something as important as Galicia having its own passport in this revolutionary media that impacts our daily life, providing visibility to Galician language”. González also pointed that since June 1 puntoGAL has held numerous meetings with businesses, public bodies and associations to explain .gal’s relevance and to encourage them to take part in the Pioneers Program. Thanks to these meetings the Galician Parliament has unanimously passed a resolution supporting the domain. In this declaration, the Chamber explicitly encourages all public bodies to change over to .gal for their websites. In addition the Board of Directors of dotGAL held meetings with, among others, the Valedor do Pobo (Galician Ombudsman), the Real Academia Galega, all the political forces represented in parliament, media companies, A Mesa pola Normalización and Asociación proLingua, among others. Edita de Lorenzo, the new general director, explains dotGAL’s launch stages During the event at the Museo do Pobo Galego puntoGAL revelaed who will be the association’s first general manager. During a recent meeting of dotGAL’s Board of Directors, it was unanimously approved, among other points, that Edita de Lorenzo will be the general director. She is the Head of the Faculty of Telecommunication Engineering (ETSE) in the Universidade de Vigo and professor in the department of Signal and the Communication Theory since 1998. Born in Ourense, she obtained her degree and PhD in telecommunications engineering at this university. She is also a member of CODITEL (Conference of Directors of Telecommunication Engineering), COETG/AETG (the Galician professional association of telecommunications) and the Unidade de Muller e Ciencia . She was cofounder of the Spanish chapter of the WIE (Women in Engineering), part of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering). The new general manager highlighted the financial importance of the pioneers, who are currently puntoGAL’s only source of income. The Asociación’s objetive is for .gal to become a self-financed initiative and to reinvest all profits back into the Galician society. De Lorenzo thanked all those who have contributed, especially those who will activate their domains as of July 25. Six pioneers must wait a little longer The general director also indicated that among the ninety-three selected pioneers, there are six that have been listed by ICANN (the corporations that manages the internet domain name system) as domain names that the new GTLD operators will not yet be able to activate. These are: r.gal, cultur.gal, xunta.gal, crtvg.gal, ccoo.gal and socialistas.gal. They are already registered by their organizations, but technically they cannot be activated from July 25 as the other Pioneers can. This is because ICANN ruled that 9.8 million new gTLD’s URLS need special procedures to avoid confusion between the Internet and the intranets. This list – called by ICANN name collision list – applies to all the new gTLD managers, not only dotGAL. These names will be available online as soon as ICANN determines the procedure to activate them. Sunrise and Landrush will take place simultaneously from September to November Edita de Lorenzo also explained the subsequent stages of the launch. Once the Pioneers Program is complete, the next phase, Sunrise, will start in September and last until November. Its main objective is to protect public interest domains. During Sunrise, public and private bodies will be able to exert their preferential right to request their current domain name. The aim is to protect the interests of groups such as trademark owners, public administrations and international trademarks protected in accordance with ICANN’s regulations. One of puntoGAL’s purposes is for companies and institutions to be able to present their trademarks, products and services more efficiently to the Galician market. At the same time as Sunrise there will be a Landrush period during which any users will be able to request specially attractive domains names that are not limited by any preferential rights. General availability – domain names for everybody from December Finally, in December, the general availability stage will start, when everybody will be able to register a .gal without specific restrictions, as occurs nowadays with the domains that have been active on the Net for many years. The specific characteristics of every stage will be published on the website www.dominio.gal with sufficient anticipation. This website will also provide a means of contacting puntoGAL for questions and queries. The reasons why the launch is organized in various different phases – as are all the new gTLDs – are to ensure the technical stability of .gal, to comply with ICANN’s regulations and to provide a steady launch that protects both public and private rights. DotGAL’s use requirements The website dominio.gal also explains which webpages will be able to use a .gal domain name. Registration will be without preliminary but all .gal websites must have some minimum significant contents in the Galician language, though they may also be published in other languages. When it does not show contents in Galician, the website will have to publish contents related with the Galician culture or online services specifically aimed at the Galician community and that encourage its development. These requirements are part of the DotGAL application approved by ICANN. Thanks for the massive and continued support during seven years Asociación puntoGAL comprises 114 organizations from all sectors; the main cultural institutions of the country, the three universities, mass media companies, IT companies, diaspora associations and dozens of grassroots cultural associations. During its seven years of continuous work, dotGAL’s application gained the support of more than 12.000 people, which was key in passing ICANN’s exam in 2013 and to delegate .gal in spring 2014. To all these people and institutions, puntoGAL wants to say thanks once again. As of this 25th of July, the domain is, more than ever, yours. This is the list of ninety-three domain names selected, by alphabetical order, and their registrant entity: 25dexullo.gal Xunta de Galicia academia.gal Real Academia Galega adega.gal Asociación para a Defensa Ecolóxica de Galiza aetg.gal Asociación Enxeñeiros Telecomunicación de Galicia agasol.gal Asociación de Emresas Galegas de Software Libre (AGASOL) age.gal Alternativa Galega de Esquerda amesa.gal A Mesa pola Normalización Lingüística amigosdopatrimoniodecastroverde.gal Asociación Cultural Amigos do Patrimonio de Castroverde anova.gal Anova – Irmandade Nacionalista ascatedrais.gal Concello de Ribadeo atriga.gal Axencia Tributaria de Galicia avelinodiaz.gal Hadrián Fernández Eiros “Ardao Eiros” avogacia.gal Consello da Avogacía de Galicia avozdevilalba.gal Asociación Cultural A Voz de Vilalba axendadixital.gal Xunta de Galicia bng.gal Bloque Nacionalista Galego cabana.gal Cabana Bergantiños cambre.gal Cambre carballo.gal Carballo castrelo.gal Castrelo de Miño catedraldesantiago.gal Catedral de Santiago ccoo.gal CCOO de Galicia celta.gal Real Club Celta de Vigo S.A.D. cesga.gal Fundación Centro Supercomputación de Galicia cidadedacultura.gal Cidade da Cultura de Galicia clustertic.gal Cluster TIC de Galicia codigo.gal Grupo Código Cero Comunicación compromiso.gal Compromiso por Galicia concellodemanzaneda.gal Manzaneda consellodacultura.gal Consello da Cultura Galega cpeig.gal Colexio Profesional de Enxeñeiros Informáticos de Galicia crea.gal Asociación CREA directores y realizadores de Galicia crtvg.gal Compañía de Radio-Televisión de Galicia csif.gal Central Sindical Independiente e de Funcionarios de Galicia ctnl.gal Coordinadora de Traballadores/as de Normalización da Lingua cultur.gal Jose Manuel Aldea Moscoso cultura.gal Xunta de Galicia deputacionlugo.gal Deputación provincial de Lugo dinahosting.gal Dinahosting editorialgalaxia.gal Editorial Galaxia, S.A. elcorreogallego.gal Editorial Compostela, S.A. fegamp.gal Federación Galega de Municipos e Provincias feijoo.gal Partido Popular fundacioncastelao.gal Fundación Castelao fundacionislacouto.gal Fundación Isla Couto fundacionoteropedrayo.gal Fundación Otero Pedrayo gadis.gal Gadisa Retail S.L.U. galicia.gal Xunta de Galicia galiciacalidade.gal Galicia Calidade galiciaconfidencial.gal Xurimaru Servizos de Comunicación galizacig.gal Confederación Intersindical Galega – CIG goberno.gal Xunta de Galicia isoc.gal Internet Society lavozdegalicia.gal La Voz de Galicia S.L.U. liceodenoia.gal Sociedade Cultural e Recreativa Liceo de Noia lingua.gal Xunta de Galicia mundo-r.gal R Cable y telecomunicaciones Galicia, S.A museodopobo.gal Asociación Padroado do Museo do Pobo Galego ordes.gal Ordes oval.gal Cooperativa Santa María do Val S.C.G. parlamento.gal Parlamento de Galicia pgl.gal AssociaÇom Galega da Lingua (AGAL) ponteceso.gal Ponteceso pontevedra.gal Concello de Pontevedra portaldaspalabras.gal Real Academia Galega e Fundación Barrié ppdegalicia.gal Partido Popular praza.gal Fundación Praza Pública presidente.gal Xunta de Galicia prolingua.gal Asociación Cultural Prolingua psdeg-psoe.gal PSdeG R.gal R Cable y telecomunicaciones Galicia, S.A radiofusion.gal Emisoras Municipais Galegas radiogalega.gal Compañía de Radio-Televisión de Galicia rcdeportivo.gal Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña redondela.gal Concello de Redondela reizentolo.gal Rei Zentolo, S.L. ribadeo.gal Ribadeo sermosgaliza.gal Sermos Galiza, S.A. snccoo.gal CCOO de Galicia socialistas.gal PSdeG teleco.gal Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación televisiondegalicia.gal Compañía de Radio-Televisión de Galicia teo.gal Teo turismo.gal Xunta de Galicia udc.gal Universidade da Coruña usc.gal Universidade de Santiago de Compostela uvigo.gal Universidade de Vigo valedordopobo.gal Valedor do Pobo veciñosporlugo.gal Veciños por Lugo vilardesantos.gal Vilar de Santos xerais.gal Edicións Xerais de Galicia xornalistas.gal Colexio Profesional de Xornalistas de Galicia xunta.gal Xunta de Galicia