A Coruña, 3 April 2020.-  PuntoGal, .gal domain management company, has decided to eliminate the .gal domains restore fee  due to the current situation. PuntoGal made this decision because of the crisis derived form the alarm status provoked by the COVID-19, to help to maintain small bussiness webpages, to a greater or lesser extent..

When a domain expires, an extra grace period time is added in which the owner maintains his/her right to continue with the domain, so it could be recovered. This period had its own fee, which do not exempt the renewal fee. By this, while the domain stays in Grace period the owner will be able to renew it with the renewal costs only. This tariff will be eliminated the 6 April 10:00 CEST.

In case the domain is not renewed during the grace period it will be deleted, being available again for those who want it. PuntoGal services are still working as usual and you can contact us in case of doubt.

PuntoGal Association wants to encourage you in this situation. We will come out together of this situation. Domain is yours.