Santiago de Compostela, 31st March of 2017.- Puntogal, the Galician domain on the Internet, is ready to reach the 4.000 domains. The favourable reception of the Rosalia’s Month promotion in February, supposed an increase of 400 new registered domains. By this, the Association decided to initiate steadily a cost decline of the domains to facilitate expansion among the general public, associations, bussiness and institutions on the country.

        Since the launch of the first website,, in May 2014 growth is sustained. Likewise, the renewal rate remains very high from the first moment, demonstrating the confidence and relationship of the users with the .gal. The Association will start to decline the prices since the 1st April, with the intention of continuing the decline of costs process on the following months as the number of registries increase.

       The whole information and a resume of the services offered by registrars is on the pricing table, available at interested on registering a .gal should directly address them and check their special conditions and prices. The information will be updated on the site as soon as the registrars make costs adjustments. As usual, prices can have variations among them.

          Nowadays it is not possible to match .gal prices with those of the most popular registries, because of the size of the Galician domain and costs that has to face every year. However, the Association remains committed in adjusting them as much as possible as favourable circumstances arise.

          Besides this adjusted price decline, .gal will develop new general and particular promotions on the following months. The next one will take place on May, on the occasion of the Galician Literacy Day, dedicated this year to the writer Carlos Casares.

         PuntoGal thanks, as usual, the support of the Galician Society to this proyect. The domain is yours.