Santiago de Compostela, 30th april of 2017.- PuntoGal, Galician domain on the Internet, celebrates this year the Literacy Day, dedicated to Carlos Casares and the Day of Telecommunications and Internet with a price decline on the registration of domains. Those interested can obtain their .gal, on the registrars that joined this promotion, by a maximun price of 17euros plus VAT. The prices will be applicable from 17th to the 31st of May. The registry, which celebrates three years since its concession, has surpassed the 4.000 registries, including institutions, non-profit organizations, business and  general public.

                                    Those interested to benefit the promotion, should address these registrars: Dinahosting, Entorno Digital, Arsys, Host Europe, Openprovider, and CdMon which offered different price policies that will make possible find prices from  16,15€  to 17€ plus VAT. PuntoGal recommends to visit the website of the participants on and find the best offer that meets your needs. You can find more information on the site

                                     PuntoGal will also develop an advertisement campaign on different media that shows a typical Galician Fairy with the domains on sale. So that, the domain maintaigns its advertising strand, on a modern style, with Galician cultural and social features. Some of Puntogal campaigns have been awarded on advertising festival.

Launching of

                                    The domain, in collaboration with the Galician registrar Dinahosting, will launch the 17th of May Velaquí.gala service of file transfer. On the site, the users could share on a easy and safe way files till 2Gb for free. On the website you only have to write who sends and receives the file, a message for the receiver and attach the document.

                                    The system allows to share files in multiple formats so that the simultaneous file uploading on the same request. The uses can limit the number of dowloads of every sending, encrypt the requests with a password to increase privacy and sent a file to a number of 20 receivers. The sent links will become void on 15 days, except than the sender change the date. It is a service similar to those offered by other multinationals as WeTransfer, but developed and settled in Galicia.

                                    It seems that nowadays it is not possible match the price of a .gal with the popular ones, the Association makes efforts, as this promotion, for the people and associations who want to become visible at the Net as part of the Galician society. The association is also very happy about the high renewal percentages.

                                    Puntogal thanks, as usual, the Galician society support to this common project. The domain is yours.