Santiago de Compostela, 5 October 2017.- The Galician People Museum celebrates the 29 October its 40th aniversary. PuntoGal will promote an offer on the domain prices on the first fortnight in November, to celebrate that, during which will disseminate on the media the activities conducted by the Museum, besides the showing of the Museum services and historic facts of the centre. The terms of this colaboration are in a colaboration agreement signed this morning by both entities in Santiago de Compostela.

The document signed by the presidents of both institutions outlines that PuntoGal will develop an especial promotion for the general public on the first fortnight of november on the occasion of the fourtieth aniversary of the Museum. That initiative will decrease the prices of the domains to 25€+vat. More information about the registrars that joined the promotion will be given on the next days in the site Furthermore, PuntoGal will launch an offer for the domain acquisition for the members of the Museo, who will receive detailed information about this on a personal communication.

Besides the commemorative reductions, PuntoGal will take the opportunity to spread on his media -websites, social media, newsletter- the activities conducted by the museum during this time, but also to remember the more important historic moments of the flagship of the Galician museums sited on the former monastery of San Domingos de Bonaval.

The president of the Museum Patronage, Justo Beramendi, pointed out that “the signature of this agreement is optimally adapted to the museum raison d’être which is to strengthen the social roots of the Galician identity”. He also expressed his satisfaction on the fact that this new step on the common path of both entities is part of the 40th aniversary celebrations.

On the other hand, PuntoGal president, Manuel González, pointed out that the Museo do Pobo “is the symbol of the preservation of our spiritual and material culture,  in which our identity is based, of the way we see the world around us and even a lot of elements that characterise our language”. PuntoGal domain, he added, “has as main aim the reinforcement of our identity as people on the future society” The museum and the domain are two fundamental pillars, different but complementary, to visualize our personality on the past and in the future”.

González took the opportunity to congratulate the Museum “for those 40 years of generous service to Galicia, and with the signature of this agreement we want to emphasize the importance of the collaboration of our institutions to deepen on the social cohesion of our people, visualize our identity signs, give value our own culture.

The Managing Director of PuntoGal, Darío Janeiro, stated that the colaboration between the entities is one of the initiatives conducted by PuntoGal with different organizations and groups to make known and increase the number of .gal domains, which are already above 4.100 registries. Janeiro showed his appreciation for “the continued support, from the beginning, of the Museo do Pobo, to this common project” remembering that the Museum “was one of the domains on the Pioneers phase” and that “they always contribute on the association activities constructively and actively. And the best way to thank  is to support and distribute their valuable labour during this aniversary”.

The Patronage of the Museum of the Galician People was born in 1976 as an initiative of the civil society, as a colective compromise with the Galician reality and the effort on the cultural normalization of the country. The main aim was to create the Museum of the Galician People, which opened the 29 October 1977 on the former monastery of San Domingos de Bonaval.

The Patronage is a non-profit private association, declared of public interest, maintained with the aids of their members and public institutions and private entities.