.gal domain names can be requested from this Tuesday through a new phase of dotGAL’s launch intended for groups with preferential rights such as the entities that promote Galician; trademarks owners; public administrations; etc. Asociación puntoGAL presented the features and base prices of this new phase on Tuesday noon during a press event at the headquarters of the Real Academia Galega (RAG) in A Coruña.
Sunrise: five priority categories Sunrise and Landrush programs comprise this new launch phase. The general manager of puntoGAL, Edita de Lorenzo, explained that five categories of applicants can request domains in the Sunrise phase: · Priority 1: End-Date Sunrise Period: end-date Sunrise period for TMCH-validated marks. · Priority 2: Defensive Registrations: For TMCH-validated trademarks  that do not fulfil .gal community eligibility requirements. · Priority 3: Public Interest Limited Registration Period (LRP) for Entities with a specific role in the promotion of the .gal community Public Interest, including Public Authorities. · Priority 4: LRP for Local trademarks: non TMCH-validated trademarks with effect in Galicia (see description in Section 7 of the Launch Policy). · Priority 5: Prior Content LRP: for entities with prior online content in Galician. The Sunrise deadline for all categories is November 18th, with the exception of category 3, whose deadline is a week later, November 25th. In the event of several requests for the same domain name, the applicant belonging to a higher category will have preference. Special prices for those that already support Galician Sunrise’s base prices vary according to the category. Asociación puntoGAL has made an effort so that those who already promote the Galician culture using the Galician language online and the institutions and entities whose duty is promote the language can enjoy a lower price. Therefore, the base price for categories 3 and 5 is 50 euros per domain name per year. Following the same logic, Sunrise’s highest base price, 170 euros, is for category 2, trademark owners who want to defend their domains but who will not contribute to the promotion of Galician online using .gal domains. Categories 1 and 4 cost 65 euros. It must be noted that the final price is not determined by puntoGAL, but by ICANN’s and dotGAL’s accredited registrars , the companies who sell the registrations. Therefore, prices stated in this press release are base prices and approximate; every registrar can make its own offers. Asociación puntoGAL publishes an updated list of dotGAL’s accredited registrars on its launch website, so the public can choose freely. In their applications candidates must indicate and justify the category they fall into and explain this classification, bearing in mind that the ones with the highest category have priority. As all submissions will be studied before being activated, the .gal domains of accepted applications will not be online until, approximately, 2nd December. Landrush also opens for those without preferential rights And what about those who want to register a .gal domain name, but their intended domain name does not fall into any of the Sunrise categories? As of Tuesday, they can also request a domain name. They will have to apply through a different program, called Landrush, with a higher base price, 170 euros. The main highlight of the Landrush program is that anyone can apply for any .gal domain name – it is not compulsory to demonstrate preferential right on domains as it is in the Sunrise program – without having to wait until 2nd December when General availability kicks off. In the General availability period there will be no restrictions and domain names will be granted on a first come first served basis. González encourages all to seize the opportunity of registering .gal addresses During the press event the chairman of Puntogal encouraged all those with priority rights to take the opportunity and register their .gal domain name. The chairman Manuel González, who is also a member of the RAG, said that “we are sure that during the coming months the whole regional administration, state bodies, unions, schools, academies, professional associations, companies and stores, grassroots cultural associations and municipalities will adopt a .gal domain name”. González and De Lorenzo also thanked the RAG for its support during dotGAL’s application and for contributing to the organization of the press event, in which Xesús Alonso Montero, chaiman of the RAG, also took part. PuntoGAL launches these two new programs after successfully completing the Pioneers Program. Most of the 93 pioneer domain names, granted before the 25th July, are online. The Association expresses its gratitude to the Pioneers who have already activated their addresses, and it encourages those that did not activate them yet to do it soon. PuntoGAL explains that there are a few Pioneers whose domains are not yet active because ICANN imposed on their domains certain special safeguards. PuntoGAL is working on these cases so all pioneers can be online as soon as possible. Thanks for the massive and continuous support during these seven years Asociación puntoGAL comprises 114 organizations from all sectors; the main cultural institutions of the country, the three universities, mass media companies, IT companies, diaspora associations and dozens of grassroots cultural associations. During its seven years of continuous work, dotGAL’s application gained the support of more than 12.000 people, which was key in passing ICANN’s exam in 2013 and the delegation of .gal in spring 2014.To all these people and institutions, puntoGAL wants to say thanks once again. The domain is yours.