Santiago de Compostela, 29 May 2020.– The world of domains do not escape the influence of COVID-19. As some registries and resellers reporte, at the moment the confinement started, a rise on the sales of names related with the coronavirus begun, grouped mainly under the TLDs as .info, which registered almos 5000 names of this kind during this year. A fith of them included greographical references, as for instance

It is quite significative most of those names has the characteristica of legitimate webs, with no place for speculation or fake news: an 80% not only are registered as a domains selling pack, but also with the same buyer. It is also good news that abuse is almost non-existent: less than  0,5% of the cases and it is easily discovered.

These and other interesting informations about the refection of the information necessities about the pandemic and its reflect on the net can be found in this interesting article of Ram Mohan, CEO on