Asociación PuntoGal presented this morning the open phase of the Domain .GAL at the Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación (Universidade de Vigo). After the previous phases and with about 1000 domains, on December, 2nd the domain will be open without any kind of restriction to all citizens. Whoever wants to promote his trademark or remark the added value of his product, to promote the Galician culture or to outline what is ours in the Net has his opportunity. Domains requested in Abrente and Carreira phases that meet the requirements will be activated that day.

Open Phase Open Phase presentation, held at the Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación and presided by the Rector of the Universidade de Vigo, Salustiano Mato, also participated the President of Asociación PuntoGal, Manuel González and the General Director, Edita de Lorenzo. Domains requested in Abrente and Carreira phases that meet the requirements will be active the coming 2nd of December and the .GAL will start to operate openly. From that day on domains could be registered openly, without restriction, by first served method, as all domains nowadays work on the Internet. Previous Phases So that, the previous phases of Domain .GAL are concluded, which as new domains, were achieved with the strong support of the Galician society. More than 90 were the domains called Pioneers, which were activated the 25th of July of this year, the day of Galicia. And, from the 2nd of December, will be active all those domains that meet the requirements of Sunrise and Landrush phases, with what we almost have 1000 domains .GAL on the Internet, reported Edita de Lorenzo, General Director of the domain.

Between the requested domains of the Abrente phase we can find well-known names as facebook.gal, google.gal and wordpress.gal, big companies as gasnaturalfenosa.gal, televes.gal and lacaixa.gal and such Galician names as xabarin.gal or illascies.gal, furthermore an important number of local trademarks. We could also see, very soon, the websites of Town Councils and names linked with public administrations, so that, a main variety of social and cultural entities of all kinds of Galician society.

 Domain requests for the launching phase were performed by 30 registry companies accredited to the Asociación PuntoGal. Those companies will register, since the 2nd of December, all the request sent to the new stage of the .GAL. The showcase of Galicia and the Galician communities, on the wide sense, on the Internet, begins with a new stage, the open functioning for all the people and entities which want to use this new distinctive on their name, the .GAL. GAL for everyone.

In the words of PuntoGal President, “came the moment of truth, it is the time to be consequent with our identity, our history, our social reality, our will to live and remain in the future”. Adding that this is an opportunity for our emigrants to make explicit their Galician status regardless their location.

 So that, Asociación PuntoGal will launch a campaign to advertise domain .GAL as a Galician language and culture promotional element. Under the slogan, “Galicians have a dot/point”, we try to show domain .GAL as a commonplace on the Net, a meeting point, with images that show with a sunrise our special way of doing things. PuntoGal is an open opportunity for all citizenship, for those who want to promote their trademark to the Galician society or remark the added value of Galician services and products, those who want to show the world they are Galicians, live or love Galicia. For all of you, it is at your disposal domain .GAL.