Santiago, 14 July 2020.- PuntoGal and GCiencia have just launched the fouth edition of PuntoGal Spin-Off Awards, which recognises the best and most innovative bussiness initiatives that merged from the scope of the three Galician universities. These awards are heirs of the Galicia Spin-Off Awards, which in previous years awarded outstanding projects developed in Galicia. Those companies interested in join this process could submit their application until the 15 September. In this edition, the prizes will recognise the developed labour by the companies and the research teams of the Galician universities on three categories. The objective is to recognise the knowledge transference between the university and the companies and to encourage enterpreneurship that emerges from the universitary research teams. The Secretaria Xeral de Universidades de la Xunta and Gadis collaborate in those awards. On the section Seal of Quality will be recognised the Galician company with a prestigious consolidated enterpris trajectory. On previous editions, companies as Imatia, Galchimia or Innolact were honored with the price. The companies which disrupted the market on the lasta months with an innovative idea or a market project will be recognised on the section Emerging Idea. On previous editions of this award detached companies as Situm, All Genetics and HG Beyond got this award.

New category

On this year edition a change is made with a new category which will recognise the work of a research team dependent of any of the three Galician Universities. For that award, jury will take into account aspects as innovations obtained, developed projects, publications and degree of collaboration with companies. Companies or research teams interested on the last two categories could send their application to the email, or fill the form available on the following link As the awards have the objective to recognise the role play of Universities as a driver to research in the country, the jury will take into account in their evaluation questions as registered patents, published reviews on prestigious publications and participation on I+D+i multi-disciplinary projectscomo. Besides, projects leadered by women or on those where the presence of women is relevant in number and jerarquy, will be highlighted.


Jury shall consist on members of PuntoGal and GCiencia and authorities of the universitary, institutional and entrepreneurial world. Finalists and winners on the different categories will be published beforthe the 30th October and the award ceremony will be held on the lasts months of 2020. The evolution of the differente phases of the Award will be detailled on the GCiencia site, on the section “Spin-Off PuntoGal”. In this section, all the news which surge in relation with this awards and the companies born at the scope of the Galician universities, will be publised. The awards conditions are published on the GCiencia and the PuntoGal sites. PuntoGal Domain, on the frame of its corporative programme of support for initiatives of Galician interese, associates with Gciencia as co-organiser and main sponsor of the awards which will be renamed from now on with its name, as a sample of compromise with the project. The objective of the domain is to recognise the work developed by the public Galician Universities at the field of investigation and innovation, as well as their contribution to the economic structure of the country. in this sense, along with the existing categories of previous editions, PuntoGal opted for including a new categorie for Research Team, besides reinforcing some criteria on the awarding as the use of Galician or the presence of women on the appliying teams or companies. PuntoGal, with more than 5.400 registerd domains, is official sponsor of Galician Gaelic Football team. GCiencia is a digital journal devoted to the promotion of scientific and technologic kwoledge for the general public. With 5,5 millon views and 400.000 monthly unique visitors, joins a community of more than 80.000 people in social media. The project has numerous awards, among them the Prismas 2019 to the Best New Media, the most prestigious award for scientific dissemination in Spain.

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