Santiago de Compostela, 23 september 2016.- Association PuntoGal has reached an sponsoring agreement with the Official Association of Engineers of Telecommunications of Galicia. XXI Galician Night of  Telecommunications and Information Society is celbrated the 30th of September and PuntoGal will be one of the 34 sponsors. This year the night is dedicated to the Industries 4.0 where they want to point out “the importance of such strategic sectors as the economic, services and industrial with the technologic society, in the interest of a new digital and sustainable economy”. The envent will take place on the  Gran Hotel de A Toxa e a acudirán with a wide representation of the Galician TIC industry. The actress Carmen Méndez will be the hostess and the monologuist Carlos Blanco will also intervene, in the event she will also present the  Premios Galicia das Telecomunicacións e da Sociedade da Información 2016. This collaboration between Association PuntoGal and COETG will bring the galician engineers a discount on the registry of a .gal domain. It is the first initiative of collaboration that will be followed by others with different proffesional and cultural Galician associations. PuntoGal thanks as usual, the support of the Galician society to this common proyect work and make possible to reach all of us. Domain is yours.