Can you register any domain name?

Initially, you can, but ICANN establishes certain restrictions (states officially accepted by the UN, other territories, two letters domain names and other exceptions) and the names of the municipalities of Galicia are reserved to ensue that is the correspondent administration who applies for it.

What is the Open Phase of domain.gal?

This is a free registry phase for the general public. Anyone can register their .gal domain and will be given (as any other domain) on the first come, first served.

Which conditions shall comply a domain .gal?

The website must have a minimum significant contain in Galician language, although it has other languages. In case not showing content in Galician, those contents should have relation with Galician culture or online services specifically targeted to the Galician community and contribute to their full development.

How can I register my .gal?

You can register your domain .gal through any of the registration agencies accredited by Asociación PuntoGal, you can find in our web site the current price board that leads directly to their websites. It is probable that your registration agency will be among them to offer the service.

How much does a domain .gal cost?

On the Open Phase the prices are homogeneous (on the Pioneers Programme and the Launch Phase the domain .gal has a differentiation of prices for the different categories and priorities) and the final price is fixed by the registration agencies, that has the freedom to make offers and include in the price additional services. You can find in our web site the current list that leads directly to their websites.

If I use a domain .gal, will I lost my domains .com or .es?

No, the domains are compatibles among themselves and you can activate as much as you want for the same domain name. For that, it is necessary to configure the DNS.

Who manages the domain .gal?

The domain .gal is managed by Asociación PuntoGal, a private non-profit entity, made up of entities of all the representative areas of the Galician society.

Can ||ñ|| or any other character be used on my domain .gal?

The name of a domain in the Internet should agree the established standards of ICANN. In the case of domains .gal numbers, letters, hyphens and all the characters used in Galician and other languages with Roman Alphabet will be used, so that, you can use “ñ” on your domain name.

How can I get a .gal email?
Nowadays, the registration agencies accredited with PuntoGal offer domain registry, but not email. That means, to get a .gal email you have to have your own .gal domain. (As soon as the service will be available, we will inform adequately.  
I am a registrar and I want to sell domains .gal, What shall I do?
You can contact us on the mail rexistradores@dominio.gal and we will send you the relevant data.
I have questions with no answer on the web, what can I do?
You can contact us and we will clear up your doubts.